The Feldenkrais Method® for Children

The Feldenkrais Method® for Children

20060800_BabyHaleyOne of the most fascinating and rewarding applications of the Feldenkrais Method® is the work with infants and children. By helping each child to develop their sensory image of self, motor development can be greatly enhanced. Each practitioner is trained to understand the fine details of how early developmental patterns are assembled and is able to perceive where the gaps lie in the child’s use of self. By helping the child find new pathways of neural and physical organization new vistas of learning are created.

The hands on work known as Functional Integration® is respectful and paces itself to the needs and interests of each child. The touch is delicate and integrative and capable of evoking new patterns of sensory awareness and action. The curiosity of the child is brought forward and the lessons are pleasurable and fun.

It is fascinating to witness how the same principles of movement that Dr. Feldenkrais discovered in his long involvement with the Marital Arts can be applied to helping an infant find power and purpose in the coordination of his movement. Whether the child in question needs lessons for neurological issues or to improve in basic coordination, or to reach a level of excellence, the same principles can be used.

Arlyn has worked with many infants, children and teenagers over the past 30 years  using both individual Functional Integration® lessons and the group work of Awareness Through Movement®. She has taught workshops for Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists introducing them to the magic of the Feldenkrais Method® as well as mentoring new graduates of Feldenkrais trainings.

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